this is ‘murica

Superb Owl enjoyed the Super Bowl!

Superb Owl enjoyed the Super Bowl!

So last night was the Superb Owl…Or Super Bowl…It was one of the two and it involved some sort of football from over the pond! All I know is both were trending on twitter and facebook and I enjoyed this picture!! I also noticed that during the 48th annual hand-football rugby Super Bowl game 2014 (I don’t do sports!) #fuckcoke was trending! After clicking a few of the tags and tweets, I found out why…

So why was #fuckcoke trending on all the social media?! What had caused such a bad reaction to our favorite teeth rotting, sugary, diabetes inducing, fizzy pop drink?! Well it turns out Coca-Cola had splashed a substantial wedge of cash on a 60 second slot of prime time advertising during the “Superb Owl”. The advert shows America in all its multicultural glory and is a big old salute to the stars and stripes! The advert can be seen below.

Us Brits are a bit more reserved with out pride to be British and wouldn’t have such a thing during the FA cup finals, but this advert is very very American and it aired during a very very American sports event! The overall message of “This is ‘murica! Its a Beautiful place!” wasn’t what caused the outrage though…it was the fact that “America the Beautiful” was sung in multiple languages. Below are a selection of tweets that lead to me questioning humanity!  If this is the population of one of the most powerful countries in the world…its safe to say we are all screwed!!

We will start with Coke them selves…

This tweet was shortly followed by a barrage of abuse from said “People who live here!”

Because English is the Native American Language!?

This attitude continues for many, many more tweets!

…Its not the national anthem, if your going to be angry about it, get your facts right!

Im pretty sure they know its America…that’s why they chose the song!

You’re an Egg. You have no argument!

Apart from English…

I have checked your twitter…I’m still waiting for you to not be a racist!

You should divorce your mum and go traveling for a couple of years. There might still be time to save yourself!

No. You’re dumbest thing I’ve ever watched!!

Double FacePalm!

Double FacePalm!


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